This page is dedicated to providing links to websites that I think might be of interest to bass players. It's by no means comprehensive and I make absolutely no apologies for errors or omissions. If you have a site you think might make a good addition to my list, please send me an email.

Luthiers and bass repair shops

www.EriziasBasses.com  My friend Pierre Harry Erizias makes top of the line custom basses in Montreal. He and I have worked together to create a custom built-in preamp and EQ for his instruments.

www.AcousticMusicShop.com  Rod West has a great selection of acoustic instruments, including bass. He is also a bass player and luthier who works on double bass and other string instruments. To top it off, he now sells QualityBassGear preamps.

www.VictoriaViolinRepair.com  A great little shop in Victoria, British Columbia.

General information about basses

www.TalkBass.com   An excellent forum site. Lots of useful information and good discussions. Easy to sign up and become part of the community.

www.DoubleBassGuide.com. Jonas Lohse puts together a very comprehensive and thorough review of double bass related gear, as well as additional information of interest to bass players.

www.liutaiomottola.com  Wonderful site, with lots of useful information about string instrument construction and technology, and many more useful links.