QBG products have been designed specifically to meet the needs of bass players. Our goal is to provide exceptional performance and features at a reasonable price. All our products are 100% designed and manufactured in Canada.

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"I have come to the conclusion that this was a very very good purchase decision. The unit works very well as a stand alone DI or equally well as a dedicated pre-amp."

      BassmanPaul, TalkBass member, January 2010.

QBG1 Professional Bass Preamp with EQ and DI

Front panel of QBG1 preamp The QBG1 is our first product designed for the double bass. It is a preamp that was designed from the ground up to meet the requirements of acoustic double bass players, though it works equally as well for other lower register instruments, including electric bass and cello. It has exceptional headroom, distortion and noise performance yet is small enough to mount almost invisibly under the tailpiece, where all controls are within easy reach. For more details, click here.

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QBG2 Professional Instrument Preamp

Front panel of QBG2 preamp For those who believe that "less is more", the QBG2 preamp is the perfect solution. It uses the same basic design and high quality components but drops the "frills" that many people don't need: no DI, no EQ, no impedance switch. The front panel is stripped down to Volume and Phase and the rear panel has a quarter-inch input and a quarter-inch output. It still has an adjustable gain control and low battery / overload LED. By eliminating the audio processing of the EQ, the noise and distortion performance is actually better than the already exceptional QBG1. The battery draw is also less and the 9 V battery has been replaced by three readily available and inexpensive CR2032 coin cells, allowing the overall thickness to be reduced to just under an inch.

Because the QBG2 doesn't have an EQ, its flat frequency response makes it suitable for a wide variety of acoustic instruments, including guitar, violin, mandolin, etc.

For more information about the QBG2, please Click here.

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QBG1D Professional Bass Preamp with EQ and DI (Deluxe Version)

QBG1D front panel My original preproduction version of the QBG1 was housed in model-grade birch. This resulted in a very light weight, attractive enclosure, though it is somewhat fragile. The problem is that wood is a bit tricky to work with and there was a lot of time and effort required to make each one. Consequently, to allow me to increase the number of preamps I can make, the QBG1 is uses a custom aluminum enclosure.

I have since had several requests for the wooden ones. They do look great and I have been able to improve the design over time to make them a bit stronger than the original M0070. If they are installed behind the tailpiece, they will last forever. For those who want the natural beauty of wood, the QBG1D is the preamp for you. The electronics are identical to the QBG1. I will make yours especially for you, allowing you to choose the stain color. The one shown here is a natural blonde. Because each one is made to order, there will be about a two week preparation time before I can ship.

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Rack Mount Dual Channel Professional Bass Preamp with DI and Independent EQ

Rack mount dual channel preampThis dual channel preamp was created for bassist Stefan Tapp and he loves it. It features three QBG1 preamp boards: one for each input and one for the output. I've also added a switchable phantom power to each input and made the gain of each input channel adjustable on the front panel. Power is by means of a wall adaptor.

These dual channel preamps are made to order and take up to three weeks to ship. As an added bonus I custom make each front panel so you can have it personalized at no extra charge.

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M0070 Professional Double Bass Preamp (Preproduction units)

Front panel of M0070 Preamp The M0070 is a preproduction version of the QBG1. Electrically, it is almost identical to the QBG1, but the enclosures aren't as nice and they have had some minor rework, so we are selling them at a substantial discount. These are now sold out! For more information, click here.