QBG2 Professional Instrument Preamp

For those who believe that "less is more", the QBG2 is the preamp for you. It's based on our QBG1, but we've taken away the bells and whistles while retaining the key features that have made the QBG1 so popular. Like the QBG1, it has exceptional headroom, distortion and noise performance, in fact because it doesn't have the circuitry associated with the EQ it actually has even lower noise and distortion than the QBG1. It's also smaller than the QBG1 and is small enough to mount almost invisibly under the tailpiece, where all controls are within easy reach.

Good news for non-bassists! The frequency response of the QBG2 is flat from 30 Hz to 18 kHz. This makes it perfectly suitable for use with other instruments, especially acoustic instruments that use piezo pickups, like guitar, violin, mandolin, etc.

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QBG2 Front Panel

The QBG2 front panel contains all the frequently used controls. From left to right:

  • Volume control can fully mute the signal.
  • Phase switch can help fight undesirable interactions caused by your instrument and amplifier being out of phase.
QBG2 Rear Panel

The QBG2 rear panel contains the input and output and nothing else. The batteries are only connected when a plug is inserted in the Output jack.

Inside view of QBG2

Inside the QBG1 you'll find top quality components, including genuine Neutrik quarter-inch and XLR connectors and a professional-quality printed circuit board. No tools are required to access the battery compartment, simply unscrew the nuts from the input and output connectors and slide the top cover back.

Check out these specifications:

  • Small
Approximately 4.75” x 1.5” x 1.0”
  • Lightweight
Under 4 oz. including battery
  • Low distortion
Approximately 0.01% (1 kHz at 0 dBu)
  • High headroom
Approximately 13 dBu (1 kHz at 0.5% distortion)
  • Low noise
Approximately 5 microvolts, C-msg weighted (lowest gain)
  • Wide frequency
30 Hz to 18 kHz, +/- 1 dB
  • Low power
Over 100 hours using three 3 V CR2032 coin cell batteries

The QBG2 has all the critical controls you need, without the extras that are provided with the QBG1:

  • Adjustable input gain (-1 to +20 dB)
  • Volume control, with full mute capability
  • Phase reversal switch

Compare the specifications of this preamp with any on the market. Value for money, if you are looking for a basic preamp and don't need an EQ and DI, I'm confident you can't do better!

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