Feedback from our users

At QualityBassGear we strive to ensure our products meet the requirements of working musicians. We don't just rely on our own experience but get input from fellow players around the world to continually improve our designs. Here is what some of our customers have said about our products...

"Hi Bill: Useful and very nice portability, I have taken to this QBG1."

Hidehiro Tsubakihara, Kyoto, Japan.

"Hi Bill: I have now used the (QBG1) preamp on some gigs and I am very happy with it. It is easy to use and the bass sounds good through the mains and the monitors. More important, our soundman likes it."

Marty Miller, bassist, The Barn Owl Band, Iowa, USA.

"Hi Bill, the (dual channel rack-mount) preamp has arrived safely yesterday! This is exactly what I was looking for, sounds great! This is simply THE tool to be versatile and flexible in any "bass-switching"-situation... Thank you very much."

André Buser  André Buser, professional bassist, Switzerland.

"The preamp has arrived - perfectly wrapped!! - and I already tested it. It does a very, very good job, no humming, no buzzing and perfectly adapted to work with upright piezos!! The preamp's overall performance is beyond expectations. I already love it! Congratulations!!"

Stefan Tapp  Stefan Tapp, professional bassist, Germany.

"I really love the low end on this preamp. It's very round and full without the annoying overtones of the other preamps on the market I've used in the past. QualityBassGear definitely had the performing Upright bass player in mind when developing this great product. It's top notch and easy to use. I also tried it on my homemade Chevy Astro Gastank Upright bass. I got a great sound on stage and out front. The soundman and I were completely blown away..."

Shane Chisholm  Shane Chisholm, 6 time Canadian Country Music Association Nominee, Producer, Country Artist, Upright Bass Player.

"Currently I am using mine balanced out into an ART compressor balanced in. Balanced out into a Carvin power-amp. With phantom power engaged on the ART, the pre-amp is happily running without internal power. It does work rather well.

I have come to the conclusion that this was a very very good purchase decision. the unit works very well as a stand alone DI or equally well as a dedicated pre-amp."

    BassmanPaul, TalkBass member.